Wild Roots Rising is an American Folk band led by Julia Houghton and Olivia Moore.           As song writers, environmentalists, tea addicts and plant enthusiasts, our goal with WRR is to create a space to talk about social and environmental issues, connect our communities, and share stories of love, friendship and the human experience. We believe in a life of slow living, taking time to appreciate the earth, and focusing on gratitude

  "I became fascinated with the guitar around the time I was in middle school and after taking a few lessons I quickly fell in love with the instrument. I attended a performing arts high school where I studied classical guitar, learning techniques of guitarists from around the world.

    My writing feels like a big combination of my classical studies, my wide range of music tastes accumulated from family and friends, my spiritual upbringing, and my deep love for the earth. I have always been an advocate for environmental justice and I would like to use my voice to bring more attention and action to the current issues facing our planet. I hope to help people developed a better understanding and deeper appreciation of this beautiful planet and of each other." - Olivia


  "The first time I played music, a plastic recorder in elementary school, I had no idea how powerful and important it would become for me. I studied classical piano at a Performing and Visual Arts Highschool where I learned about music theory and became interested in composition. Using this tool of expression has shaped who I am, and helped me to overcome the hardest moments in my life.

  I think music has a power that connects us all, and through my years as a practicing musician I have grown to write music that is more focused on the larger problems in the world instead of just myself. I would love to be able to help people articulate complicated feelings and emotions with the music I create, and inspire people to make choices that are healthy for themselves and for the greater wellbeing of their community." - Julia